Book Excerpt From RAW: A Poetic Journey Finding a Way From Conflict to Revelation


The following excerpt is from RAW: A Poetic Journey Finding a Way From Conflict to Revelation.

RAW  is an anthology of poetry from Christians straight and gay around the world sharing their understanding of God’s radical welcome and unconditional love.



To Christ, I am a conundrum only He could figure out. So wanting God to use me to do daring and powerful things, yet hesitant to step out of my comfort zone. So desperate to completely follow the Spirit of God, and yet all too tentative about releasing the controls. …

… Love is what continues to draw me toward all God has to offer the world through me, forces me out of my comfort zone and gently lifts my fingers from the controls. Love has me singing along with the Williams Brothers, “I’m just a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save anybody.”

And so I join these special authors writing across the lines of Christianity, homosexuality, gender politics, and bigotry. Here is my poem.

Come Claim Me Jesus
By Aimée Maude Sims

Somebody put my soul in the lost and found

“Abominations to the right,” they said.

And there they sat me

and my wife

my partner of 15 years

the only woman I’ve ever known (in the “biblical sense”)

and a 50 pound cloven-hoofed pig

and a leper with HIV

and a child born blind

a woman bleeding

somebody’s old cotton and suede sweater

and one very small, very frightened shellfish.


footsteps all translucent and gossamer,

hands all fire and light,

He came to the lost and found and held the swine

in His arms and said

“I remember the day I created you -

‘Let the Earth bring forth,’ I said

and I loved you

and it was good.”

Then He held the child

and the leper

and the very frightened


I’m listening now …

Because He’s holding me.

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