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“A tightrope walker/Who’s never taken a step/Now poised for the first/ Balances/Then reaches into thin air” – from “Suspended” by Sue Nielsen in “RAW”

Have you or a loved one wrestled with faith? Welcome to the journey. This book project collected previously unpublished poetry from believers straight and gay all around the world. The results will surprise you: intimate personal poems and stories of pain, praise and tenacious faith. Two-time GRAMMY-nominated folk-rocker Jennifer Knapp, a self-described “Gay person of faith” wrote the foreword. This is our first published book. You’ll never feel the same about Christianity.

Wear Your Faith – Dare to Wear NuWine Designs

“LBGT=Loved By God Truly” “Be the Kind of Christian You Wish There Were More of” Click on one design below to see them all!

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