Jennifer Knapp, Nhojj, and RAW a Poetic Journey


What are they saying about RAW?

“If you’ve ever felt challenged by your destiny, let these stories build your courage. If these individuals can find the strength to believe, perhaps we all can.” – Carol Hoenig, blogger for the Huffington Post and author of the multi-award winning novel, “Without Grace.”

“Raw transcends itself and becomes Beauty Revealed! Each author beams with authenticity! You get the opportunity to meet each person as they take the journey to real intimacy with a Loving God! I was inspired to deepen my journey with the Spirit as i meditated with the writers each morning.” – Rev. Frederick E. Dennard, President, Peacemakers, Inc.

“Believe Out Loud is both thrilled beyond words and encouraged to have the world be graced with the human courage evident in “RAW: A Poetic Journey.” The time has never been more ripe for the Spirit to stir us to truly embrace ALL children of God. This book not only contains writings from the individual authors, but they share an actual piece of their personal stories as well. Let the healing begin! Thank you for this remarkable work.” – Sung Park, Believe Out Loud team, Intersections

“The poems of “RAW” are earnest prayers from those who have contemplated the ability of God to find them where they rest. … I hope you will find community in the art of the human soul expressed here.” – Jennifer Knapp, two-time Grammy-nominee and multiple Dove-Award winning artist Jennifer Knapp

Jennifer Knapp performs live for NuWine Press

Jennifer Knapp performs live for Nuwine Press

Jennifer Knapp at NuWine Press book release party

Check out live audio and video from the launch party – including live audio from a performance by neo-soul artist Nhojj. Purchase the book here.

From Jennifer Knapp’s foreword to Raw A Poetic Journey: Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation:”

” … [T]here is a place in time to traverse the rumored chasms of spiritual despair. In this place we pray in silent contemplation. In this place we call on hope.”


Nhojj, Jennifer Knapp, Aimee Maude Simpierre

Nhojj, Jennifer Knapp and NuWine Press founder, Aimee Maude Simpierre

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