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Calling all …

“Androgynous Anglicans” “Born Again Bisexuals,” “Open-minded Christians” “Differently-abled Disciples” “Proud-Pentecostals,” “Gays on the Great Commission” “Conservative and questioning” “Transgender Theologians,” “Bible-Quoting Queers,” allies and friends!

Come let us reason together

All voices are equal here, our common ground is faith and respect. Join the discussion in the comments section of our posts and articles. If you have some righteous ramblings to submit, try us.

Featured Guest Columnist:
Simone Crockett

Contemplative Prayer, Kenosis and Falling into Stillness

Simone Crockett shares her experiences on a recent retreat. Not sure what kenosis is? Read on. …

Past Guest Columnists:

Susan Webley
Martina Robinson

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