Our First Book: RAW a Poetic Journey Finding a Way from Conflict to Revelation


It started as an online poetry contest called “This is My Story.” We invited all Christ Followers to share their testimonies of faith via poetry. We gathered the responses, from gay Christians and straight, from Berlin, Germany to Brooklyn, NYC, selected the best and asked Grammy-nominated songwriter and out, Gay person of faith Jennifer Knapp to write the foreword. We threw a party and sent the book into the world.


Vulnerable and Honest. Each of these poets writes their story and shares their personal story of where they are along the path to self acceptance. These never-before-published poems are encouraging to anyone who’s ever faced internal conflict – and needed some revelation. It’s a journey worth taking.

Check out these pages containing audio and video from the book party.
Read an excerpt here.

This is the first book published by NuWine Press: The All-Inclusive and LGBT-Affirming Voice of Independent Christian Publishing.

NuWine Press has presented book readings and discussions at bookstores and churches throughout the NYC area. To invite us to your gathering email nuwinepress@gmail.com.

RAW is available online:

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