Martina Robinson: Still Speaking (… Through my Electric Wheelchair)



Martina Robinson is an openly bisexual author and person of faith, who is a proud member of the United Church of Christ in Belchertown, MA. She is the author of a self-published series of poetry chapbook on liberation. The poems featured here come from the forth volume of tat series. She has also been published in the Naugatuck River and Cripping Fremme. Her poem “Back to Solo” will be featured in the forthcoming anthology “Animal Antics” from Forward Poetry. She can be contacted at

Still Speaking…
(I admit to stealing the title from the United Church Christ website of the same name. Check out for more details.)

I know the Lord speaks daily
through my electric wheelchair using,
personal care assistance requiring, speech impaired,
brown, queer, chubby, allergic, medication dependent-
as yet- always resilient, but ever more battered, body.

He constructed it – after all –
and deposited me whole and formed
into my mother’s womb; complete with this body
and all its tiny, and not so tiny, imperfections.

Bits of what makes me into me;
bits I stopped wanting to change
a long time ago, much to too many people’s surprise
for my tolerance, even on a good day.

- Martina Robinson

© Martina Robinson

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